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    Accessories - men's accessories

    Gifts That Bring Us Together

    Fathers, brothers, friends, colleagues... feel closer thanks to these great gifts that'll make them smile.

    For a limited time

    30 %

    off all Ray-Ban sunglasses

    The Quintessential Cap

    Practical and stylish, this piece is hitting it out of the park in a range of different hues.

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    Our Best Sellers

    Solar Flair

    Get a glimpse of our round, retro sunnies with colour-tinted lenses for a look that's vacation-ready.

    Le 31

    Bennie round sunglasses

    Men's Classic ribbed socks by Polo Ralph Lauren at Simons

    Top-Drawer Socks

    Now that you're seeing them all day long, might as well wear your favourite colour.

    For a limited time

    2 for

    Architectural Jewellery

    This Torontonian brand offers unisex pieces made of stainless steel, the world's most recycled material.

    Today's In-Demand Brands

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