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    i.Fiv5 - on-trend activewear

    Artsy Gymnast

    Work out looking like a work of art by wearing plant-focused patterns and a warm patchwork of colours, emphasis on grenadine.

    I.FIV5 Exclusive

    Block boxy half-zip

    The sport t-shirt in grenadine neon colour pour women
    The color block polar fleece for women by i.FiV5
    I.FIV5 Exclusive

    Austral high-rise legging


    Techno Neon

    Balance your outfits with dark fluorescents and thick fabrics. Nylon + polar fleece + microfibre = proof that the urban utility trend is gaining ground.

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    i.FiV5 Essentials

    Like us, you've got a special hankering for these lovely silhouettes. We've adapted them and renamed them to match the season!

    The Alder Bra

    • Crossed straps to facilitate vigorous workouts
    • Micro-perforated lining for maximum ventilation

    The Austral Legging

    • Snug high waist
    • Provides comfy compression
    • Allows for circulation

    The Borealis Pant

    • Silky, breathable weave
    • Super soft

    The Nyssa T-Shirt

    • Microfibre made of recycled polyester
    • Laser-perforated back
    • Quick drying

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